FARANGI - New Album with  Claire Antonini

From the time he began playing the double bass at age 16, Renaud Garcia-Fons saw possibilities in this instrument to explore all the styles interested him classical, jazz, Persian, Indian, South American from the world over.Driven by new ideas and the talent to translate them into compositions, he virtually reinvented the way the instrumentcould be played. The result: an altogether new sound an amalgam of double bass, cello, violin, guitar, lute, oud, and more that exceeds any conventional idea of playing the double bass"Renaud is not a double bass player. He just uses the double bass for something else. He is the music.”

"Renaud Garcia-Fons brings a rare passion and understanding to the bass. His approach is pure genius, seen in the way he styles his pizzicato and in the manner he opens the arco to encompass melodic and improvisatory richness." Jerry D'Souza


This music is completely dust-free, always varied and catchy. Since its production technology is equally beyond doubt, the bottom line can only be one word: brilliant.

Renaud Garcia Fons is a star among double bass players. Jazz, world music and classical music are both at home
Jazz Thing

Under the fingers of this 53-year-old Frenchman, the double bass transforms into a cornucopia of lyric and polyphonic song, filled with jumping staccato and round legato worthy of the greatest prodigies of the violin or the guitar.

En concert / Live on stage 

24/07   Una Striscia di Terra Feconda -   Musée national d'archéologie    IT PALESTRINA   Infos

26/07   L' été du grand Jardin  52 JOINVILLE   Infos


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