JALEO "For Paco"

nov 2016
Louis WINSBERG : Guitars
Sabrina ROMERO : Vocal, Dance, Cajon
Alberto GARCIA : Vocal, Palmas
Cedric BAUD : Saz, guitars
Stephane EDOUARD : Percussion

"Since the 90's, Louis Winsberg thought to mix music from all over the world,  especially Jazz and Flamenco. In 2000 he releases the first album JALEO , then in  2005 ""LE BAL DES SUDS""
The band will tour for ten years all over the world in festivals and theaters

Louis Winsberg has dedicated this third album For Paco by Jaleo to Paco de Lucia. The space for freedom is always as big as ever, from Indian jazz to Andalusia and the Maghreb. Music ripened in the sun, soothed by the sea, bursting with beat, vibration, bursting with joy and flashes of melody. A most accomplished human and musical adventure.

« I dedicate the music of this album to Paco De Lucia, who was able to open the world of flamenco to jazz music and improvisation and bring his art to a level of very rare purity and power. During all those years, he informed my music, I, coming from jazz music and looking for elsewhere, somewhere “my Mediterranean sea…” » Louis Winsberg

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