Les Heures Propices
new album with Misja Fitzgerald-Michel
Release June 15th 2020

Franck Tortiller plays mostly vibes, but he's also known as a great composer, arranger and conductor.
He plays live
-Solo in La leçon des Jours
-A duet "Les heures propices" with Misja Fitzgerald-Michel 
-A duet "Singing Fellows" with François Corneloup 
-with a brand new big orchestra composed with young musicians "Orchestre Franck Tortiller"
-with a new show "Shut up'n sing yer Zappa (he played before Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin)
-with Percussions de Strasbourg in abig project mixing pros and students percussionists.
Director of l'Orchestre National de Jazz from 2005 to 2008, he's supported by the french ministry of culture for his orchestra.

Tour schedule online as soon as concerts are back

Franck Tortiller par Renaud Corlouer
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Shut up n sing yer Zappa par Laure Villain