La Roda del Viento
New Album release August 2020

DORANTES recognizes no one else’s authority,
his style is free, versatile and restless – as we can see from his career so far.
In his first album, Orobroy, he extended flamenco towards new horizons, as well as creating an enduring classic in its title track.

With the follow-up, Sur, he turned to a more orchestral sound, while the speed and virtuosity of his playing brought an entirely fresh dimension to the piano. By now, the critics were already calling DORANTES the spokesman for a new kind of
flamenco – one that was challenging, innovative, seductive, yet without abandoning its roots.

With age comes further experience, and in this third release, he’s taken another step forward, this time surrounding himself with the best vocal talents around in order to explore a range of diff erent forms and textures. Enrique Morente, Carmen Linares, Esperanza Fernández, Arcángel, Miguel Poveda, Pedro Peña, Jose Mercé and Noa, among others, are part of Sin Muros! and its universe built on knowledge, respect and peaceful coexistence. This project, in which we can hear everything from bulerías, seguiriyas, alegrías and tientos to granaínas, malagueñas, guajiras, tangos and a lullaby, was born of a desire to communicate the unknown, to act as a vehicle for understanding and harmony, to bring life
to human solitude and wildernesses. And it does just that, with a stunning combination of vocals and piano that makes everything free, versatile and restless. Pure music.
Sin Muros! is based on the belief that music has an overwhelming (and almost miraculous) power to break down walls and prejudice, to open up doors and borders, to expand hearts and broaden smiles and make locks and chains fall to the ground like ripe fruit from the trees. DORANTES knows that music is an explosion of good sense, a momentary deal with divinity, the only valid response to certain questions.

DORANTES is all about exploration, conquest and, above all, sensitivity.
Because, Ladies and gentlemen, talent is never wrong.
Daniel Blanco, writer and journalist



En concert / Live on stage 

Tour 2020-2021 TBA
Dorantes par JF Leblanc Interaccion Paseo a dos