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Trio Zephyr Hiver
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New album LUCIA
Fall 2020

Delphine CHOMEL: Violin and vocals
Marion DIAQUES Alto Violin and vocals
Claire MENGUY : Cello and vocals

« Darkness cannot hide darkness, only light can do that » Martin Luther King

One afternoon in April 2000, the 3 musicians of the Trio Zephyr were composing their first song on a Mediterranean beach.

They called him "Lucia" in tribute to the magnificent light that bathed this beautiful late afternoon ...

2020: a thousand concerts and 5 albums later this light is, in a way, still present "... it is the essence of our creation, the heart of our history and of our friendship ..."

Heiress of archaic, folk or sacred songs, they draw from the heart of their human roots letting the voice guide this new anniversary album and the strings weave the scenery around it.

"Lucia" tells us a primordial, original story, of an infinite and subtle joust between light and shade.



06/08/2020 Cour du Chai du Terral -    34 St Jean de Vedas   Infos

31/10/2020 Salle André Raynoird -    63 Romagnat   Infos

13/12/2020 Auditorium de la MMD -    92 Bagneux   Infos

Automne 2020 Tournée 20 eme anniversaire Trio Zephyr en cours de programmation

Trio Zéphyr par Delphine Chomel Cover Travelling Trio Zéphyr par Clément Puig