Lou Tavano LS
Lou Tavano- Copie
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Release Winter 2019
LOU TAVANO Nominated Best Vocalist Victoires du Jazz 2020

Lou Tavano
: vocals
Alexey Asantcheeff : piano
Guillaume Latil : cello
Alexandre Perrot : acouststic bass
Ariel Tessier : drums

With this chamber jazz trio, the French singer Lou Tavano wants to take the listener back to the essence of her music, to intertwine her unique voice with the strings of the piano and cello so as to strike a chord right in the heart of the audience.
Don't be fooled by this delicate-looking frame, this volcanic diva brings tumultuous rivers of tears and joy with her each and every time she hits the stage.
Lou Tavano and her French-Scottish alter ego Alexey Asantcheeff shut themselves away in Scotland for several months writing this album.
Over there she discovered a wilderness-mirror to her own nature, as shifting as her own emotional state of mind.
These songs became the storytelling of her inner landscape, her very own "Uncertain Weather".


En concert / Live on stage 

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