Loïs Le Van- Copie
Loïs Le Van
Loïs Le Van- Copie- Copie
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Loïs Le Van  vocal
Sandrine Marchetti  piano
Paul Jarret  guitar

From these musicians emerges an energy that binds them to each other.
They breathe as one and their breath envelops us and draws us into the flow of their meeting.
After Rendez-vous à l’Ovyne (2017) recroded with the Bravo Big Band, 
claimed by the medias (Choc Jazzmag, Indispensable Jazznews, Elu Citizen Jazz, fff Telerama),Loïs Le Van records a trio album "Vind".

En concert / Live on stage 

Tour schedule on line as soon are concerts are back

LLV 6880 Shelomo Sadak 300 Cover LLV Vind 300  LLV 6620 Shelomo Sadak 300