Sortie Juin 2020
Franck TORTILLER : Vibraphone

For many years I have wanted to play with Misja Fitzgerald Michel. His musicality, his lyricism, the sound of his guitars, his musical choices resonate perfectly with my musical universe. I remember a concert in Paris, "Time of no reply" around the music of Nick Drake which was for me the trigger for this desire for collaboration.

This album with Misja was the result of a long reflection. What music to play together, what sound, compositions, covers?

We decided by mutual agreement to play without amplification, in order to find the natural sound of our instruments, without artifices, allowing us to express ourselves fully in music.

This disc was produced without editing, we played live, without safety, thanks  Ludovic Lanen, magnificent sound engineer who knew how to transcribe with his microphones all the expression that we were able to develop during this recording. It’s music imbued with solemnity, which refuses austerity. We did not want to fall into the spectacular but to find this way of playing music on the borders of jazz and folk of song writers, collected, enriched with choruses and melodies that take hold of our memories (redemption song, air love and vitamins), practicing a certain form of slowness, bareness, taking time for notes and silence, playing with the pulse of the breath, exhaling, inspiring, also giving this energy of the duo that brings us together and looks like us.

We need gestures as radical as this authenticity (often confused with simplicity)

It’s our way of making music alive, full of hope and life, the joy of playing together with this title which is the reflection of our desires: "the good times" 


Franck Tortiller

Franck Tortiller et Misja Fitzgerald-Michel  - Crédit photo ; Jean-Baptiste Millot Cover Heures Propices 300 Franck Tortiller et Misja Fitzgerald-Michel  - Crédit photo ; Jean-Baptiste Millot